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Areas of Practices

Ali Al Qahtani's Law Firm offers all legal and Sharia’s services to its clients from Ministries, agencies, departments, companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions, individuals and corporates. These services are provided by a selection of lawyers graduated from famous universities around the world. In addition to the publication of some books and research in the law, these universities are Kanazawa, Tokyo and Waseda in Japan, Sorbonne and Bordeaux in France, Cambridge, University of London, Surrey and Leeds in Britain, Cairo University, Zagazig, Mansoura, Alexandria, Egypt, and Khartoum University in Sudan, Ohio, Cleveland and Columbia, USA and King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. Which gives the group the international dimension and the diversity of experience in all laws in those countries. The Group's legal services vary between providing legal and legal advice - preparing and drafting all types of contracts. Undertaking cases, advocacy and defense in all courts at any levels, judicial committees, and administrative bodies of all kinds - execution of court decision - collection debits - liquidation of estates - liquidation of companies and settlement of their status to development and training - and preparation of legal studies - and other legal services. Accordingly, our group is pleased to offer to your esteemed company all legal and Sharia’s services at a highly skilled and professional level. Law firm is located in several capitals either through direct presence such as in Riyadh, Al Khobar, Khamis Mushait, or Dubai. Or as joint venture corporates such as TMI Associates in Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hanoi, New York, Montreal Canada, or an office or through alliance such as in Paris, France, Berlin Germany, Rome Italy and Barcelona Spain Cairo Egypt and others. Our areas of practice for example but not limited to Administrative Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antitrust, Appellate Litigation, Bankruptcy, Children's Law/Juvenile Justice, Civil Rights/Civil Liberties, Communications Law, Conservative Public Interest Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Domestic Violence Law, Education Law, employment/Labor Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Government Contracts, Health Law, Housing Law/Community Economic Development, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Trade Law, International Development, International Human Rights, Legal Services, LGBT Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, National Security Law, Prisoners' Rights, Privacy Law, Real Estate Law, Securities Law, Sports/Entertainment Law, Tax Law ,Trusts and Estates Law and Investment law.