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Our mission
the service of justice and the establishment of rights

Our vision
is to emphasize social justice, protect law and public order, and uphold freedoms

Our goal
justice, equality

Ali Al Kahtani Law Firm Attorneys at law and Legal advices

Ali Al Kahtani Law Firm, regard as the best law firm in Riyadh and the best law firm in Saudi Arabia as well. In terms of clients’ number and their size in the market. Further, Ali AlKahtani Law Firm regard as one of the best law firms in the world regarding to its existence around the globe through alliances or partnerships with foreign professional corporates around the globe.
Ali bin Abdullah Al Qahtani, the founder of the law firm is one of the best lawyer in Saudi Arabia. He is the only Arab member of the Second Tokyo Bar Association in Japan, member of Saudi of the Saudi Bar Association and member of the Arab Bar Association as well.
He regard as the best lawyer in the region in term of his law papers publications. Ali Alkahtani Law Firm practice most of law fields such as Administrative Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution law, Antitrust law, Appellate Litigation law, Bankruptcy law, Children's Law/Juvenile Justice, Civil Rights/Civil Liberties, Communications Law, Conservative Public Interest Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Domestic Violence Law, Education Law, employment/Labor Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Government Contracts, Health Law, Housing Law/Community Economic Development, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Trade Law, International Development, International Human Rights, Legal Services, LGBT Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, National Security Law, Prisoners' Rights, Privacy Law, Real Estate Law, Securities Law, Sports/Entertainment Law, Tax Law ,Trusts and Estates Law and Investment law.
Lawyers and attorneys at law in the law firm practicing most of law areas such as Administrative Lawyer, Alternative Dispute Resolution lawyer, Antitrust lawyer, Appellate Litigation lawyer, Bankruptcy lawyer, Children's Lawyer/Juvenile Justice, Civil Rights/Civil Liberties lawyer, Communications Lawyer, Conservative lawyer Public Interest Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Domestic Violence Lawyer, Education Lawyer, employment/Labor Lawyer, Environmental Lawyer, Family Lawyer, Government Contracts, Health Lawyer, Housing Lawyer/Community Economic Development, Immigration Lawyer, Intellectual Property Lawyer, International Trade Lawyer, International Development, International Human Rights, Legal Services, LGBT Lawyer, Mergers and Acquisitions lawyer, National Security Lawyer, Prisoners' Rights lawyer, Privacy Lawyer, Real Estate Lawyer, Securities Lawyer, Sports/Entertainment Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, Trusts and Estates Lawyer and Investment lawyer.
We have offices and associates offices in all the main cities around the globe such as London, Paris, New York, Ottawa, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, Dubai and Cairo.
Ali Alkahtani - Phd in Law
Founder and Senior Attorney at Law

Dr. Ali bin Abdullah Al Qahtani

  • PhD in Law from Kanazawa University in Japan
  • Member of the Japanese Bar Association
  • Member of Saudi Bar-Association
  • Member of Arab Lawyers organization
  • Member of the Union of International lawyers
  • Law Professor at King Saud
  • Law Professor at Dar Al-Ulum University for or the Master's degree
  • Law Professor of International law at the Diplomatic Studies
  • Former Law Professor at Kanazawa University in Japan